If all this works out the way it is supposed to you will have a collection of stories about the life and times of an Alberta Fish and Wildlife Officer (game warden, fish cop, fish fuzz, fins and feathers). All the events took place from 1963 through to 1995, between Strathmore to the south and High Level in the north. Where appropriate names have been changed, if only to by pass any ill-conceived lawsuits and to avoid embarrassment to anyone, especially me.

When you start out as a game warden, it always SOUNDS interesting, but I had no idea of the problems, compromising situations, and the pure adrenalin rushes it would produce over a span of thirty-two years. A boat chase. An out of control aircraft. Bears after dark. Flying lead in court. A human anchor. A sting. A snared bear. Flaming Nostrils. Ticklish Fish. Cantankerous hunters. Obnoxious poachers Chicanery and devilment abound through out when animals and people mix. Intriguing stories experienced by few enjoyed by many. Stories that represent a colorful world known by few that are sure to grab your attention.

If you ever sit down and put your memories on paper, you soon find out those memories are not really yours, they belong to everyone involved you met along the way. This book would not have been possible without the wit and the wisdom of all the people I encountered. My thirty-two years in the Fish and Wildlife Division allowed me to work with a never-ending stream of fascinating people. Couple this with no day the same as any other and you have the recipe for this book - my recollection of some extraordinary events and incredible people. Supported and encouraged along the way by family, I dedicate these stories to them and to all the people who were part of my adventure.

The stories that follow are not in chronological order. Rather they are a collection of memories that I put on paper for my grandchildren, family and anybody else who might enjoy them. They recount actual events without any glamour and glitz. Fancy that, now I have stories to tell.

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