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Arctic to Alpine

Arctic to Alpine

Now you can purchase my books in a variety of e-book formats from Kobo Books. To purchase the e-book Arctic to Alpine e-book from Kobo Books here is the link.

Readers of my previous books, POACHERS CRANBERRIES & SNOWSHOES, POACHERS BEANS& BIRCH BARK, and POACHER CHASER HOLIDAYS, will find this one similar in structure: short stories written in a humorous vein.

As the title and cover information show, this book has a wide diversity of locations for its stories. From Inuvik in Canada’s Arctic, and its round church, to horse-packing trips in the Canadian Rockies; drag racing 4-ton trucks in downtown Calgary. From there to New Orleans, where life is easy.

Stories of elk, bears, sheep, ravens, moose, fur, fish, turtlehunting, broken equipment, Mountain pack trips, really bad behavior in a hotel, Mausoleums, fine food, plane rides big and small, oily kids, soaked cats, and many more.

Oh yes, and my favorite’s about activities at -45 F.

Please enjoy the two stories below. If you like these stories you will surely enjoy the book.

Table of Contents of Arctic to Alpine

  1. Bruce’s Moose Hunt
  2. Clean Sweep
  3. Water, Water Everywhere
  4. Going North
  5. Toeless and Fancy Free
  6. Truck Motors & Aircraft
  7. Fox Lake Store
  8. Gravely
  9. Bicycle Bear Hunt
  10. Hidden Lake Fish
  11. Helicopter Skullduggery
  12. Flusher Trucks
  13. Dam Jumper
  14. Lost Hunter
  15. Tick
  16. Tar Baby
  17. Grizzly Bears and Tea
  18. Dissertations on Relief
  19. Seamier Side
  20. Drag Race
  21. Bang
  22. Michele Lakes
  23. Midnight Trail Ride
  24. Raring to Go
  25. Broken Grader
  26. First Bow Sheep
  27. Yellowknife or Bust
  28. Transom Trespassers