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Chuck Shipley - Author

Strathmore was the beginning of an odyssey that lasted for the next thirty-two years. My career commenced on December 16, 1963, at the Strathmore Fish and Wildlife office. For me, the prospect of any new job has always been exciting; this one proved to be a real dandy! I was one of the lucky applicants chosen from around 400 for only 10 vacant positions. Not that I stayed in Strathmore long. May of 1964 saw my wife and I move north to Barrhead, the move occurring between stints of in-service training at the Forestry Training School in Hinton. Barrhead lasted until 1966 when I was transferred to High Level. Up north we went- myself, my wife, and one infant daughter. High Level was home until 1970, then it was off to High Prairie for five years, this time with a second infant daughter in tow. By the time we were posted to Edmonton for a further five years, our now not-so-infant daughters were not so sure about all this moving. 1980 saw one further posting to Rocky Mountain House, this time one that would see me through till buyout and retirement in 1995.

If you want an insight into the fascinating world of a Fish and Wildlife Officer in Alberta from the Sixties to the Nineties these books are for you. Chuck was no ordinary run of the mill game warden.

Endowed, others might say cursed, with an outrageous sense of humor, his take on events is always unique, thoughtful and full of fun. This unique perspective on life is evident in these four books.

There have been two books about Chuck’s career as a Game Warden;

The third book is a bit of a departure from these because it has holiday stories as well.
POACHER CHASER HOLIDAYS This book containing the two types of stories, holidays and work has been very well received.

With its acclaimed reception and encouragement from its readers Chuck has written another;

This is a collection of stories as the title indicates is from the Arctic to the Alpine.

All written in the same johnera as the previous three books.

Because it wouldn’t fit on the cover it doesn’t say anything about New Orleans or misguided escapades in Calgary. These stories are definitely one of a kind.

All factual and humorous.

Chuck and Jean live south of Rocky Mountain House in their retirement home.

Apparently there will be more stories but he’s not sure about what or when !!!