Poacher Chaser Holidays


Poacher Chaser Holidays

Poacher Chaser Holidays

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For those who read my two previous books Poachers, Cranberries & Snowshoes and Poachers, Beans & Birch Bark you will find Poacher Chaser Holidays similar in structure; short stories written in a humorous manner. Some Game Warden stories, some holiday stories and some, well, are just stories. A log church at Carcajou Settlement on the Peace River built in 1910/11, lacking parishioners, was purchased from the Catholic diocese and renovated into a cozy summer cabin that was only accessible by boat.

You have probably guessed, considering the location, there will be a lot of wildlife encounters. My wife says our holidays must be like when I was a game warden. She is right. Stories of grizzly bears, black bears, eagles, bats, fish, mud stoves, tree houses, snakes, furry creatures in the outhouse, green clouds, boat trips, airborne boats, old trappers’ cabins, white Saskatoon’s, Saskatoon pie and pancakes with chock cherry syrup.

We enjoyed 12 summers of holidaying in our cabin. The resulting adventures are recorded here for your enjoyment. Oh yes, while sitting admiring the grandeur of the Peace River or riding in the boat, some previous adventures in another life as a game warden would pop into my head. They are also included.

These stories are a collection of adventures, strange but true, that took place when I was a game warden, during family holidays and some other just interesting stories.

Please read and enjoy the two stories below. If you like these stories you will surely enjoy the book.

Table of Contents of Poacher Chaser Holidays

  1. The Lost Bag
  2. Things to Remember
  3. Premonitions
  4. Swim, Bear, Swim
  5. Tourists, Bears, and Water
  6. Outhouse Bear
  7. Fur in Your Sunrise
  8. Misdirected Souls
  9. No Slime
  10. Live Mail
  11. Talons, Fish, and Bears
  12. Noisy Ants
  13. Log Launcher
  14. Back House Boogie
  15. Eight Legs and a Tongue
  16. Fish, Falls, and Frost
  17. A Blow So Fowl
  18. Discovering Carcajou
  19. Bear Facts
  20. Night of the Bears
  21. Inexcusable
  22. Tight Lines
  23. 90cc Buffalo
  24. Mud Stove, Hornets, Cranberries
  25. Kids, Bears, and Fish
  26. Trapper’s Raft
  27. Furry Night Torments
  28. Happy Horse Flies
  29. A Pig, A Girdle, and a Flagpole
  30. A Knife, Tenderizer, and Moose Meat
  31. Hossed, Carried, and Flown
  32. Hang Out
  33. Way Up There
  34. Onerous
  35. Evidence in Water
  36. Honking
  37. Cleanliness Challenge
  38. Small Flat Bones
  39. Surreptitious Boat
  40. Owls
  41. Saskatoon’s

When you sit down to write your recollections of family holidays, game warden stories, hunting trips or just stories, it brings back all the memories. You will read about them in this collection of strange but true tales. My wife's favorite comment when we embarked on any excursion from our cabin/church was that this must be the same as when you go to work. It was, except my family was there.

Poacher Chaser Holidays

The day-to-day excitement of being a game warden or indeed our activities at our Peace River retreat, were all quite interesting and always very entertaining.