Poachers, Cranberries & Snowshoes


Poacher's Cranberries & Snowshoes

Poachers Cranberries and Snowshoes

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If you ever sit down and put your memories on paper, you soon find out those memories are not really yours, they belong to everyone involved along the way. Poachers Cranberries and Snowshoes would not have been possible without the wit and the wisdom of all the people I encountered. My thirty-two years in the Fish and Wildlife Division allowed me to work with a never-ending stream of fascinating people. Couple this with no day the same as any other and you have the recipe for Poachers Cranberries and Snowshoes - my recollection of some extraordinary events and incredible people. Supported and encouraged along the way by family, I dedicate these stories to them and to all the people who were part of my adventure.

When I started out on this project, I simply had a mind to leave some of these stories for my grandchildren. Like any grandparent, I want them to live life to the fullest just as I did! However, I was persuaded that others too would enjoy my experiences almost as much as me, which is why this book came into being. As it took shape, it dawned on me very quickly that I had too many stories for the one book, there would have to be at least two. So if you enjoyed reading this one, keep your eyes open for Poachers, Beans and Birch Bark available in September at a bookstore near you.

So many of these experiences were just too much fun to keep to myself, I had to share them with somebody! There are plenty more.

You know, if all this works out the way it is supposed to you will have before you a collection of stories about the life and times of an Alberta Fish and Wildlife Officer.....game warden, fish cop, "fish fuzz", "fins and feathers", the names tend to decline into the more and more unprintable.

All the events took place from 1963 through to 1995, between Strathmore to the south and High Level in the north. Of course, where appropriate, names have been changed, if only to duck any ill-conceived lawsuits and to avoid any embarrassment to anyone, especially the author.

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1. The devil made me do it
2. Aromatherapy
3. You be the judge
4. Recycled cranberries
5. "Now don't you wish you had a hook on your line”
6. Speed limit plus
7. Liquid storage
8. The wedding
9. A night out of hell
10. Not impressed
11. Some nose
12. Where to hide supper
13. Knockout
14. The snowmobile and the flamingo
15. Watch out for the ricochet
16. Me a bad influence? No!
17. I was warned about you
18. Chase that plane
19. Hide and seek
20. Hibernation blues
21. Scalped
22. Rabbits. No really!
23. "I'm not joking dear, not this time!"
24. Follow those bubbles
25. Winter ghost
26. Of bears and naps
27. Multicolored snow
28. Dead moose walking
29. Fish snaring
30. Who learned what from whom?

When you start a job like this, it always SOUNDS interesting, but I never had any idea the problems, the compromising situations, and the pure adrenalin rushes it would go on to produce over a span of thirty-two years. An airplane crash. A scalping and threatened suicide . Flipped truck. An aircraft chase. Bear attack. Belligerent hunters. Crazy poachers. The nuttiest of pranks. Not to mention the day to day shenanigans and escapades that are bound to occur when you are involved with animals and people. These stories represent a colorful world known to few that will get your attention.